Mad Mathematician or Computational Biologist?

Published: 06th October 2011
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Did you know that Lisa Kudrow ("Friends") has a degree in biology or that Terrence Howard ("Iron Man") has a degree in chemical engineering and that he also longs for a doctorate in physics? What if these two would have followed their initial thoughts in terms of careers and they would have gone on and practiced their college absorbed skills? What if Lisa would have invented a cure for cancer and Terrence would have developed a genuine anti-aging drug? Would you have loved them even more?

You see, you do not have to be considered an extraterrestrial being just because you are thinking about opting for a degree in science; math, biology or computer science are all being embraced by millions of people from all over the world. All you need is your passion for numbers, computers, of life in general and a desire to work hard. The rest is a matter of fate and fortune.

Let us take mathematics as an a example; if you were always a big numbersí fan and you could picture yourself working either as a school teacher or a college professor teaching algebra, geometry or statistics, you should definitely opt for a degree in mathematics. You could end up working for the government at some secret and highly paid project, you could be their right hand and use your PhD degree to its maximum. No company could function without the use of mathematics; computers all work based on clever mathematical algorithms, the field of physics needs precise values to determine the speed and future projections of certain phenomenon, economists and engineers need the same amount of attention from mathematicians in their struggle to save businesses and entire country economies or invent a new engineering device.

Everywhere you look, you will see something that requires a special math algorithm to be created and to function properly:

  • special formulas for business success

  • solutions to social science problems

  • scheduling flight schedules

  • measuring car experiments in precise numbers

  • drug analysis and consequences

  • translation of encryption systems used by militaries, etc.

Research scientists, computer programmers or systems engineers are just some of the jobs you could be opting for, with the help of your Masterís or PhD degree in math.

As for computational biology and its special perks, we could mention the extreme importance of the combo between biology and thorough involvement of informational systems that come to help ease biologistsí research processes. The field is rather new and the interest for it is on the rise; specialists who choose to pursue a career in computation biology need to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computational Biology, at least, and they could be looking at some amazing job opportunities. The use of statistics, biology, chemistry, molecular biology, visualization and computational stimulation or math are just some of the subjects that are prone to be studied in college.

Computational biology involves:

  • The identification of future possible biology-related issues

  • The use of computational methods in order to prevent natural triggers to create problems

  • The use of biology and computer science to stimulate different scenarios

  • The testing of possible mechanisms of molecular action, etc.

As you can see, science and math always go together. This is because math is the language of science. What was mentioned in this article was just the two careers you can take in a science degree. To see more lists of degrees in science, click here.

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