A Great Selection of Metallic Handbags

Published: 14th September 2011
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One fashion trend which will never die and will always re-occur is the metallic trend. Once every few years we see this trend influence a season in fashion. Personally, metallic is not one of my favorite trends because my preferred style is pretty basic and monochromatic, but I do understand how a metallic piece can electrify a dull ensemble and make it more dynamic. If you are a bit hesitant to embrace the metallic trend head-on, it would be a good idea to imbibe the trend through accessories like handbags instead. Here are a few great choices if you decide to choose a metallic handbag:

The handbag on top of my list would be the Longchamp Metallic-Print Travel Bags. Longchamp is one of the most well-known brands in the handbag industry and is very popular in Asia and Europe. The brandís most popular bag, the Le Pliage, is known as one of the most practical and versatile bags in the world. It can be folded for ease of packing, and unfolded whenever you need to use it. The Longchamp Metallic Print Travel Bags are an updated and modernized version of the Le Pliage. These bags still have the Le Pliage shape and can also be folded for easy packing, but the bags in this collection are in metallic. I absolutely love the gold version and I think it is such a steal at just $145 for the shoulder tote. As an added bonus, these bags are also stain and water resistant, which is perfect for lazy girls like me who never find time to clean their handbags. Whether you use them as an everyday bag or as a travel bag, these Longchamp Metallic Print Travel Bags are really one of the best metallic handbags in stores today.

If high-end designer handbags are more your thing, check out Yves Saint Laurentís metallic hobo. This hobo is not your typical casual hobo. It is oozing with ultimate elegance and sophistication. This bronze bag will definitely add style to any boring outfit. The bronze color is done in a very classy way and itís not flashy at all. It has this certain glamorous touch to it that I really like. Itís a handbag which I would picture any of the Kardashian sisters would love at first sight. However, like any fabulous find in fashion, the Yves Saint Laurent metallic hobo does not come cheap and you have to be willing to fork out $1795 to have it.

Coach also has a great metallic handbag in the Poppy Metallic Collection. The new Poppy Metallic Signature Glam Tote is perfect for any metallic-loving bag lover. The bag is very trendy but the great thing is it still manages to combine form, fashion and function. I also love the aqua fabric lining inside the brass version. At just $228, this is one Coach Handbag you will want in your collection. Itís a metallic handbag which I picture typical careerwomen like me would use on a regular basis.

If you are interested in finding out more about fashionable metallic handbags, browse here to select your choice. Check out this source to know how these trendy handbags contribute the fashion industry.

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